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DPP-80 Aluminum Plastic Packaging Machine

This machine is suitable for industries: food, medicine, medical equipment, hardware, electronic blister packaging.

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Product Description


It adopts a new domestic large transmission mechanism, and the main transmission shaft is driven by the chain, which avoids the error and noise of other gear transmission.

The electrical appliance adopts an imported control system, and it can be equipped with a missing material and leakage compensation device and a missing particle detection and removal device according to customer requirements.

The use of photoelectric control system, automatic feeding of PVC, PTP, hard aluminum packaging, and automatic punching of waste edges ensure the stability of ultra-long distance multi-station synchronization.

It can be equipped with photoelectric detection and correction device, with imported stepping motor traction, graphic and text-to-plate printing and packaging, to optimize the grade of packaging.

This machine is suitable for industries: food, medicine, medical equipment, hardware, electronic blister packaging.


work process:

  • Forming (up and down heating)
  • Heat sealing (upper heating)
  • add mosaic   
  • Indentation (can be heated in a small amount)
  • Cutter
  • Finished output
  • Technical Parameters



    Cutting times 
    Punch frequency

    10-33 beats / min 
    10-33times / min

    Production capacity
    Production capacity

    Version 2400 / when  
    2400plates / hour

    Max forming area and depth
    Max. Forming area & Depth

    105x70(standard depth ≦15 ) (mm) Maximum depth 25mm (customized)
    105x70(standard depth ≦15mm), Max. Depth 25mm( As adjusted

    Standard stroke range
    Standard Stroke range

    30-80 mm (according to customer requirements)
    30-80mm (CAN BE AS per the Designed User 'required S)

    Standard Sheet
    Standard plate size

    80*57mm (
    can be designed as per user's required) 80x70mm (can be designed as per user's required)

    Air pressure
    Air pressure


    Air consumption
    Compressed air required

    (Air compressor) ≥0.3m3/min
    Air compressor≥0.3m3/min

    Total Power
    Total power supply

    380V/220V 50Hz 2.8Kw  

    The main electrode power
    Main motor


    PVC sheet
    PVC hard Film

    0.15-0.5*110mm (mm)
    0.15-0.5*110 (mm)

    PTP aluminum foil
    PTP Aluminum film

    0.02-0.035* 110mm (mm)
    0.02-0.035*110 (mm)

    Dialysis paper
    Dialysis Paper

    50-100g*110mm (mm)
    50-100g*110 (mm)

    Mold cooling
    Mould cooling

    Tap water or recycled water
    Tap water or Recycling water

    Overall Dimension

    1840x590x1100 millimeter (mm)(LxWxH)
    1840x590x1100 (mm)(LxWxH)


    Net weight 450 kg (Kg) gross weight 520 (kg)
    Net 450kg Gross weight: 520kg

    Noise specifications
    Noise index




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