The principle of compressed candy

Compressed sugar is also called powdered sugar or tablet sugar, and is often called soda sugar. It is a mixture of refined sugar powder as the main body, adding milk powder, spices and other fillers and starch syrup, dextrin, gelatin and other binders, through granulation and tableting. It does not need to be heated and boiled, and it is called cold processing.

Rotary tablet press--The development and innovation of mould

In order to improve the level of mold production, rotary tablet press molds have been continuously improving and innovating over the years, as well as the spirit of service. They have continuously learned from companies in the same industry that make tablet press molds to exchange mold professional learning to improve manufacturing technology and provide customers with more Perfect quality and service. Introduced advanced equipment in the industry, and already has a big tree in the tablet mold industry.

The efficiency of the rotary tablet press

Rotary tablet presses have high requirements in the market, because rotary tablet presses have the characteristics of low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, stable tablet weight, etc., and they have received many domestically. The manufacturer's unanimous affirmation and wide application. The concept of the rotary tablet press is to continuously press powder, granules or other irregular materials into a shape. There are multiple dies on the machine to adjust the depth of the material and the thickness of the press. A popular high-speed rotary tablet press in the market has the characteristics of high output, high pressure, reliable operation, wide application range, and low cost, which is sought after by many enterprises. Its good performance-price ratio, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, PLC man-machine interface saves time and money and other advantages can be regarded as an elite product in the tablet press industry.

Ceramic tablet press

The ceramic tablet press has the characteristics of saving materials, labor-saving, time-saving, and multi-use in one machine while improving productivity while safe production. It is the first choice for dry-pressing ceramic and magnetic material forming machinery.

What are the factors that affect the die of the tablet press

If there is a problem with the die of the tablet press, check the total length of the upper and lower punches. If it exceeds the tolerance range, stop using it.

The boom and innovation of spirulina tablet press

The spirulina tablet press is now the most popular machine on the market, and it is used in many pharmaceutical industries. With the fierce market competition, the requirements of customers are increasing. With the needs of customers, the new type of spirulina tablet press There are more machines. The spirulina tablet press is a single-pressure automatic rotary tableting machine newly developed by our factory. It compresses granular raw materials into various ordinary and special-shaped tablets. It is mainly used in the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry. In the chemical, food, electronics, plastics and powder metallurgy industries. The outer casing is fully enclosed, and the material is stainless steel, which conforms to GMP standards. Equipped with a transparent observation window, you can clearly see the working conditions of the machine and can be fully opened, which is easy for internal cleaning and maintenance. This machine has high pressure and a wide range of tablet diameters. It can compress tablets of various shapes such as ordinary, irregular and ring shapes. It is especially suitable for multi-variety and small-batch production. Mechatronics, all controllers and adjustment devices are concentrated on one side of the body, easy to operate. Equipped with pressure overload protection device. Avoid damage to the machine. The transmission mechanism with oil-immersed lubrication is sealed under the body, which extends the service life and avoids cross contamination.

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