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KZL-200 fast granulator
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KZL-200 fast granulator

The KZL series rapid granulator is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries with good results.
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The KZL series rapid granulator is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries with good results. The machine has a reasonably designed filter screen, rods, and can crush large piles of fragile materials. According to the principle of centrifugal force, the filter screen with special holes is used to carefully screen and filter.

The special friction filter rod can crush the solid particles of the sieve and at the same time grind large aggregates.


Dry and wet granules are homogenized and granulated; agglomerated materials are crushed and granulated; wet granules are granulated; heat-sensitive materials are magnetized. Less heat and dust during work;

The stator screen is made of stainless steel and is not easy to damage; the gap between the powder magnetic knife and the screen is adjustable; it can handle viscous, gum-like, hot and wet materials.


Technical Parameters

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Production capacity (㎏/h)


Screen diameter (mm)


Diameter of filter hole (mm)


Work rate (kw)


Speed ​​(r/min)


Overall dimensions (length × width × height) (mm)


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