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ZP-47 Rotary Tablet Press

This machine is a dual-press automatic rotary continuous tableting machine, which compresses granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used in the production of the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the chemical, food, electronic and other industrial sectors.

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This machine is a dual-press automatic rotary continuous tableting machine, which compresses granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used in the production of the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the chemical, food, electronic and other industrial sectors.


  1. The content of fine powder (greater than 100 mesh) in the compressed dry granular material used by this machine does not exceed 10%. It is not suitable for semi-solid, moist particles, low melting point and moisture-prone materials and non-particle powder compression.
  2. This machine can not only press round slices, but also special-shaped slices with geometric shapes and double-sided lettering slices.
  3. The parts and components of this model are technically designed, manufactured and managed according to the current world-popular standardization, serialization, and generalization standards.
  4. The mechanical and electrical components of this machine are well configured. The mechanical parts adopt a high-strength and high-stiffness frame mechanism, a special processing technology turntable structure, a pre-pressing wheel and a main pressing wheel structure, and the working area adopts a fully enclosed transparent window structure. Less pollution and excellent sealing.
  5. The working room is completely separated from the transmission mechanism, and the outer cover is fully enclosed, which effectively prevents cross-infection. The parts in contact with the medicine are made of stainless steel or have special surface treatment. There are no dead corners in the tablet press room, easy to load and unload, easy to clean and maintain, and conform to the GMP standard of drug production and quality management regulations. The transparent protective cover can clearly see the mechanical operation. And it can be fully opened for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  6. This machine has functions such as frequency conversion speed regulation, overload protection, and emergency braking.



1. The maximum pressure of this machine is large, and a pre-compression device is set at the same time, which prolongs the compression time and makes the tablet quality more in line with the requirements.
2. The turntable has high speed and double-sided tablet pressing. The maximum output is 189,000 tablets per hour, which is suitable for the mass production requirements of pharmaceutical factories.
3. The appearance is designed with industrial three-dimensional shape, safety prompts, humanized design, novel profile, beautiful and generous
4. The control part adopts programmable controller, and the operation panel uses color touch screen, which is convenient and intuitive. As the user's operation interface, the display screen realizes electromechanical integration, using touch keys and display screen (speed, output, fault) and other displays.
5. Mechanical parts: Material (material of the main key parts): The
copper track material is cast with a special formula of a military industry enterprise to improve wear resistance. The top cover, turntable, track seat, track plate, main body, etc. are cast with unique Japanese craftsmanship by a wholly-owned Japanese company. Through metallographic experiment analysis, the internal molecular structure of the material is uniform, compact, without bubbles, trachoma and cracks, the internal pressure is reliable, and the surface of the casting is flat and smooth. The main shaft adopts special forging parts with small deformation and good rigidity.
6. The processing technology of mechanical parts: copper track, top cover, turntable, track seat, track seat, main body and other main parts are processed by precision working mother machine (machining center), and the processing size is high.
7. Pressure wheel and pressure wheel Frame structure improvement: The roller frame structure of this machine has changed the lever type (or pole type) that is currently commonly used in tablet presses. It adopts a column type structure. Its advantages are concentrated pressure points, high pressure, low noise and Advantages such as small size.
8. Change of the turntable structure: The turntable structure of this machine has changed the structure that the middle die hole commonly used in tablet presses is a blind hole. The split turntable adds a middle template to make the original middle die hole straight. hole. Although the processing difficulty of the turntable is increased, the effect is obvious. The advantage is that the depth of the middle mold hole remains the same. After the middle mold is installed on the turntable, the plane of the middle mold and the plane of the turntable can be on the same plane, ensuring that the filling amount of particles entering each mold is basically the same, so that each product pressed out The weight remains the same.
9. The turbine box adopts arc gear turbine pair, which is characterized by smooth operation, low noise, high carrying capacity and small size. The transmission system is sealed in the mailbox under the main body of the machine. It is a safe and separated independent part that will not pollute each other. It also enables the transmission shaft to infiltrate the oil pool to obtain sufficient lubrication and reduce noise and wear.

Technical Parameters



Number of punches (paid)


Die form


Maximum tablet pressure (kN)


Maximum pre-compression pressure (kN)


Maximum filling depth (mm)


Maximum tablet diameter (mm)


 Maximum production capacity (10,000 piece hours)


Maximum speed of turntable (revolution min)


Main motor power (kw)


Host height (mm)


Without hopper


With hopper


Host area (mm²)


Host weight (kg)




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