ZWS137 Horizontal Rotary Tablet Deduster ZWS137

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This is an automatic continuous tablet deduster which can operate in corporation with the tablet presses. It is an important supplementary equipment of tablet press. Its function is to separate surplus powder absorbed on surface of tablets in pressing process from the tablet body. It can be connected with dust collector and suck powder out at the sucking port. Since the most comp­onents of the sifter are built of stainless steel, it is easy for washing, resistant to corrosion and has a nice appearance.
Technical parameter:
Main Technical Specifications 
Model Unit                        ZWS137
Power of Motor  W V/Hz  60 220/50 
Diameter of Sieve Tube  mm 137
Rotation Speed of Sieve Tube  rpm 10-60
Diameter of Sieve Hole  mm 3mm


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